At dryherbvaper.com . We only offer a very small selection of good quality, reliable and hopefully, affordable dry herb vaporizers to help you too make the life changing decision to switch to dry herb vaping.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to get your health back.

In addition to the many health benefits of using our dry herb vapers, there are many more advantages:

  • A richer flavor and maximized effectiveness
  • No more smoke stink (this is huge right?)
  • No more always searching for a cigarette lighter or match
  • No water required (that’s right, no more disgusting “b-water”)
  • Very portable, fits in your pocket
  • Can be used discretely when out and about hassle free
  • No rubbish or litter – no more having to dispose of those dirty smelly ciggi butts, used lighters, matches,  packets and plastic wrapping
  • No herb wastage – Your vaped herbs can still be consumed (baking, pasta sauce. etc)
  • Create your own unique experiences, blend herbs together for different flavor combinations and benefits
  • A much much more pleasurable experience right from the start
  • Did we mention no more smoke and no more disgusting smoke stink??

IMPORTANT – dryherbvaper.com – about current shipping and delivery times:

Depending on available stock, some products are shipped from different locations. Because of this, delivery times for some products, may be different to that of other products. Please read each product description for estimated delivery times.  They are definitely worth the wait, but please be real patient, and allow up to 65 days for delivery in some cases.  Maybe do some more herb research and start planting and growing some of your favorite herbs while you wait. Then the time will fly by.